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Focusing on content migration

Posted by Kieren Pitts on 08 Jan 2010 | Tagged as: Project budgets, Project management, Web content

I recently posted a second article on the Internet Development blog. This time the intention of my article was to take a closer look at content migration.

Content migration is one of those strange areas that client’s often overlook. The intention of my article was to highlight some of the pitfalls and encourage a more proactive approach.

Web sites on the cheap?

Posted by Kieren Pitts on 04 May 2007 | Tagged as: Project budgets, Web development

I recently read an article in Information World Review called “MPs award themselves a website pay rise“. It wasn’t so much the main content of the article that caught my attention (the communication budget of MPs had been increased by £10,000 to help support development of their Web sites) but a rather bizarre quote within the article:

MPs’ websites generally follow the same pattern of content: a biography, parliamentary work and announcements, constituency and national news, and lots of photos. But even the slickest of sites should cost no more than £7,000 to set up and around £1,000 a year thereafter to maintain.

The above was attributed to Dominic Johnson, managing director of Miramedia (

What surprised me were the figures…. £7,000 to set up a site and £1,000 for maintenance. I’ve no idea how these figures were arrived at but what troubles me is the one-size fits all argument for Web sites. Continue Reading »