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Focusing on content migration

Posted by Kieren Pitts on 08 Jan 2010 | Tagged as: Project budgets, Project management, Web content

I recently posted a second article on the Internet Development blog. This time the intention of my article was to take a closer look at content migration.

Content migration is one of those strange areas that client’s often overlook. The intention of my article was to highlight some of the pitfalls and encourage a more proactive approach.

Testing times ahead… or maybe not

Posted by Kieren Pitts on 10 Aug 2007 | Tagged as: Project management, Usability, Web development

Web site testing is one of those things, like sticking to the speed limit on motorways, that everyone says they’ll do but, in reality, most don’t. Like speeding you have the potential to get somewhere more quickly but to do so you must take risks that can be very costly.

Almost without fail, testing will be the one area of a project that’s cut by a client if money or time get tight. In a lot of cases a developer will be told “We don’t need external testers, we’ll just get the guys in the office to give it the once over” or worse still “We’ll fix any problems after we launch”. Continue Reading »

In Defence of Difficult Developers

Posted by Kieren Pitts on 18 Jun 2007 | Tagged as: Project management, Web development

(Why the customer isn’t always right)

Firstly, this article isn’t intended to be a rebuttal of Rob Swan’s excellent article on A List Apart (In Defense of Difficult Clients). It’s a really good piece and makes important points regarding the developer/customer relationship.

My intention with this post is to raise the, somewhat thorny, issue of what to do when a client wants something that’s against your techie morals. Consequently, I hope this posting is of interest to both developers and customers. Continue Reading »