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Losing the 404 File not found error

Posted by Kieren Pitts on 17 Aug 2007 | Tagged as: SEO, Usability, Web development

There are few things that will make your site look more unprofessional than users following a broken link and receiving a 404 – File not found message. For a good developer it’s easy to ensure that a site is free from broken links. If you’re a Linux user you can use ht://check, if you prefer Windows you can use Xenu and Mac users can try BLT.

However, not all Web developers are as diligent (or competent) as you are. I’m sure you choose Cool URIs that never change and, in those very few circumstances where you do have to change a URI, you put in a proper server-side redirect. However, what about those other Web developers, the ones that link to you, how many of them check links after they’ve created them?

What do you do if another developer makes a mess of linking to you so that it causes a 404 Page Not Found error on your site?
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Passed-off domains, the STD of the Web?

Posted by Kieren Pitts on 21 May 2007 | Tagged as: SEO, Web development

Over the last eight months I’ve been keeping an eye on the progress of a project that I used to work on which is now being run as a commercial operation. The site enjoyed very high ranking in Google and was in the top five results returned for most terms associated with its core activities.

To reflect the move from the fluffy academic world to the cut-throat business world the new owners wanted to swap from to Continue Reading »

SEO – not on your handheld

Posted by Kieren Pitts on 15 Jan 2007 | Tagged as: SEO, Usability

I’m often surprised by the poor quality code that appears on the Web in the name of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Where does this nonsense originate from?

Recently I came across an example of something that, despite thinking about for some time, I can’t understand why anyone would think was a good idea. Continue Reading »